High Grounds Cafe


Operated by the country’s top gaming cafe brand TheNet.Com (TNC), HighGrounds is the first branded iCafe and biggest esport gaming hub in the country. Through at partnership with TNC – Predator.


I and my friend went yesterday to this hangout place called High Grounds Cafe’. This is a good place for a meetup and as well to the hardcore gamer like us.


  • High Grounds Café offers a cozy ambiance with the fastest internet connection
  • High Grounds’ internet speed is around 300+ Mbps.
  • Their staff is knowledgeable in every detail of the spec of computer and pricing.
  • They also gave a great service, the staff very are accommodating
  • They wear casual for their uniform to look elegant.
  • They use membership basis for their customer.


They have a diverse menu, and a full coffee bar (Starbucks-style). Still a lot of room for them to add more food and drink options in the future. So go rakkers!!! rak na itu!!!!!

High Grounds Cafe located at 6700 Scout Rallos St., Tomas Morato, Quezon City



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